Spangler Candy, makers of iconic Dum Dums, Circus Peanuts, candy canes, and other tasty treats, wanted to expand the marketing strategy for its e-commerce websites. TKG had created and executed a highly successful content marketing strategy for Spangler Candy previously, so they were confident our team would help them achieve success.

Spangler Candy’s Goals Included:

  • Increased sales of candy online on and
  • Increased engagement from kids on
  • Increased traffic through newly developed mobile apps

TKG implemented a carefully planned strategy to build on the content creation work we had previously done for Spangler Candy. This included adding and optimizing fresh content in expanded product descriptions, developing videos, creating printable PDF games and greater social media involvement on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Today, we are still seeing great success with Spangler Candy, with revenue from mobile traffic up 30% year over year from 2013-2014, and a 40% increase in Organic Visits to from 2013-2014. Plus, even though Spangler Candy had a complete store CMS switch, our optimizations to their products helped maintain traffic and revenue, with an overall 10% increase in online sales.

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again: Content is King! With greater visibility, continued fresh content and an improved mobile experience, TKG met and exceeded Spangler Candy’s expectations in the sweetest way – increased sales.

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