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How can you enhance an existing website to make it work for you? By creating consistency and optimizing content to pull in the best quality leads.

That’s what we did for the Belden Brick Company.

Located in Canton, Ohio, Belden Brick sells their products through distributors. With a huge product catalog, their site contains thousands of pages. A site that size requires consistency to make a strategic impact on leads.

“We worked on a global header and footer design,” says Leanne Wicks, one of TKG’s web marketing strategists. “As they add new products, we work with them to keep the site looking cohesive.”

These changes helped the website convert more visitors overall. For instance, the number of leads submitted by the contact us form alone increased by 88% from July 2012 to July 2013.

TKG also implemented an online marketing campaign to increase qualified leads. This process included optimizing the code and content throughout the site, as well as enabling better overall site usability.

“We measure analytics, but we also measure our progress based on customer satisfaction. They tell us that leads are not only increasing, but they are of better quality.”

Consistently adjusting our online marketing strategy for Belden Brick has led to a fantastic result for this client. Ensuring that our clients are growing at a rate that is measurable and provides qualified, profitable leads is always our top priority.

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