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Sara is a web developer/designer from Massillon. Being both analytical and creative, she has always been fascinated how to make things look and work great. Starting in high school she began learning about HTML, CSS, and basic web development & design techniques, eventually choosing to pursue a major at Mount Union that allowed her to gain experience in a wide variety of development and design technologies, concepts, and methods.

When not at work, Sara’s life revolves around:

  • Her awesome best friends and family
  • Spending quality time with her fur/feather babies: 2 dogs named Kaibonez and Sydney; 4 birds named Mango, Kiwi, Sweet Pea, and Ella; a guinea pig named Ludwig; and a rabbit named Bilbo
  • PC gaming
  • Netflix marathons
  • Keeping up-to-date on the latest movies
  • Exercise/fitness
  • Drawing

Little known facts:

  • Lifelong fan of Godzilla films (has an ever-growing collection)
  • Studied Japanese in both high school and college (although, the skills aren’t so sharp anymore)
  • Long-time fan of anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comics)
  • Wanted to be an archaeologist when she was younger because of her love of dinosaurs
  • Has been a vegetarian since January 2014 (but still eats dairy and fish because she loves eggs and sushi)

Skills & expertise:

  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Gulp
  • PHP

Where Sara gained experience and knowledge:

Sara obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Union College (before it was renamed to University of Mount Union) in Media computing, a comprehensive major that involved programming, design, art, sound-editing, and animation. Not long after, she attended Stark State College for a couple years and took courses related to web development and graphic design. While there, she obtained 2 career enhancement certificates: C#.NET Programming and Advanced Webmaster.

Prior to joining TKG, she worked for a different ad agency for 4.5 years where her tasks revolved around front-end development, content management, and some light SEO and QA work.

Favorite websites:

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