Long Time Client Refreshed for Next Business Evolution

The Evolution of Business

One of the reasons we love establishing long term relationships with our clients is that we get to support their business as it evolves. Rice’s is a longtime client of The Karcher Group, and we’ve had the privilege to work with this landscaping company throughout the last decade.

Rice’s is a family managed landscape company, serving the Northeast Ohio area for over 75 years. The care and service they provide to this area has grown from one-off residential service projects, to long term, high end, estate and commercial landscape management.

When Simple Updates Won’t Cut It

In the last few years, we discovered together that the types of leads that were coming through ricesnursery.com weren’t quite aligning with Rice’s new growth and company evolution. Hundreds of leads were coming from a helpful, generalized blog (as well as our ongoing marketing tactics), but sales people were spending too much time sorting through which leads might be the right leads for the modern day Rice’s.

To effectively adjust our marketing strategy, we quickly discovered that simple website updates wouldn’t be enough; Rice’s needed a complete brand refresh that included a new name, logo and redesign.

From "Nursery" to "Landscapes Redefined"

One of the things we discovered through our brand story was that the name "Rice’s Nursery" no longer fit the business of Rice’s. Together, we decided to shorten the name to simply "Rice’s," added the tagline "landscapes redefined" and updated the logo as a way to immediately set the tone for the type of clientele Rice’s wanted to reach.

Our completed brand story process also prompted the renaming of Rice’s service lines, a shift in product offerings in the showroom (from general lawn care items to high end tools and supplies) and an updated domain from ricesnursery.com to riceslandscapes.com.

When Less is More

Generally, lower traffic numbers are a negative in digital, but for Rice’s, even though their traffic is lower on their new site, the quality of leads is exponentially better. Sales people no longer have to sift through inquiries that don’t fit Rice’s business model. Instead, they’ve received over 1,000 phone calls and over 100 "high value" form submissions in just a few months since the relaunch of the site.

Rice’s is one of our full service clients, trusting us to manage nearly every part of their digital presence, as well as some of their offline marketing initiatives. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve as their business grows and evolves throughout the years.

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