Psychology Consultants Grow Service Business with Targeted PPC Campaigns

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Psychology Consultants Grow Service Business with Targeted PPC Campaigns

"The Karcher Group took the time to understand us and our needs, and built a plan to make it happen."
- Dan McArthy, Vice President

Two Sides to a Helping Profession

Psychology Consultants Inc (PCI) has a proud twenty-year history serving the northeast Ohio area with mental health and psychological consulting services.

Their business consists of both a traditional, "in-house" practice with two locations, as well as on-site mental health services in nursing homes, assisted living communities and long term care facilities.

We’ve worked with PCI over the last couple of years to update their branding and online presence, and with their professional look and mobile ready site, they were ready to take the next step to grow.

A Strategic Approach to Awareness

PCI wanted to not just book appointments in their offices, they wanted to attract current mental health professionals who wanted to serve patients in nursing communities and facilities. One tactic couldn’t meet both needs, so we worked to set up a strategic PPC campaign specifically to book appointments, and leveraged content to entice new mental health specialists.

The specific goal of the PPC campaign to reach potential patients was to encourage a phone call to set up an appointment in-house, while the goal of the recruiting content was to pique interest and drive qualified leads to apply.

Little Budget, Big Success

PCI was pleased with how well mental health professionals responded to the recruiting campaign, and they’ve received great feedback from that audience.

But what they were truly impressed by was the success of the PPC campaign to draw new patients in.

Not only did they receive a number of calls as a result of the ad, over 70% of the individuals who called for information set an appointment. In fact, not only did the ads bring in more calls, their Medina practice reached capacity as a result.

"We can’t believe the results of this campaign. Some weeks, we had a 100% conversion rate from calls to patient, meaning the quality of the leads coming in were exactly what we were looking for."

— Jim Toney, Director of Marketing and Development

PPC Campaigns and Helping Professions

"We couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out, especially because it means we get to help even more people get the care they need."
— Dan McArthy

It’s easy to see how a product based business can leverage PPC, but it can take a little more thought to understand how to leverage digital advertising for services, especially in a helping profession.

With a strategic approach and a clear idea of what we wanted potential patients to do (call), we were able to help PCI not only reach their goals, but exceed them, and all within their budget.

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