Using Video and Motion Graphics to Breathe Life into Products

Using Video and Motion Graphics to Breathe Life into Products

We often talk about how important it is to show rather than tell your audience what your products and services can do for customers. But how do you show people the inner workings of an appliance?

PureWash knew they had to capture attention and engage potential customers on an emotional level before hitting the more complex “features and benefits” pitch and video was the perfect medium.

Show the Details with Motion Graphics

Armed with a list of bullet points, our video and motion graphics team created an engaging narrative and developed a world to tell the product story in an interesting way.

We created the fun concept of a “lab inside a washer” complete with characters to help explain the inner workings of the PureWash product.

Hundreds of likes, views and happy customers later, PureWash is happy we helped them close this gap in their sales process.

The initial PureWash concept launched an effective video project

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  • Use motion graphics videos to convey a message to your audience
  • Motion graphics can show details not easily captured with real footage
  • Demonstrate how products work with motion graphic videos

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