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Patrick joined TKG as a Sales Strategist in 2016. An Akron, OH native, he recently returned to NE Ohio after 15 years in Boston, MA. His time there coincided with that city’s obnoxious string of professional sports championships. This made being a Cleveland sports fan…let’s say, character-building.

He’s both a marketer and a comedian. In other words, he’s a storyteller – and has found that the most effective storytelling is grounded in truth. An audience responds to authenticity. He applies this mantra to crafting the right brand strategy for his clients.

When not at work, Patrick’s life revolves around:

  • His wife, JoAnna, and his two young sons, Timmy and Danny.
  • Crooked River Comedy, a new comedic performance ensemble he co-founded. He currently serves as the group’s Artistic Director and produces comedy shows, classes and corporate training workshops throughout NE Ohio.
  • Enjoying craft beer and occasionally home-brewing.
  • Cleveland’s professional sports teams…even though he knows it’s probably silly to spend so much time and money on them since they obviously have no idea who he is so what’s the point really….ahem, what was the question again?

Little known facts:

  • He is a weekend on-air announcer at 89.7 WKSU-FM, NE Ohio’s local NPR station. You can hear him on Sundays from 12-5pm.
  • He’s a professional actor. You may have seen him in a small role opposite Frances McDormand in the Emmy-winning HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge. He has also appeared in a handful of national and regional TV commercials, where he’s typically played hapless office workers, annoying hipsters, and goofy suburban dads.

Where he gained experience and knowledge:

  • Patrick graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio & Television Production. He’s been on both the agency and client side in his career, and led complex digital marketing projects for companies including Carnival Cruise Line and ExxonMobil Most recently he worked for another Canton-based advertising agency, where he helped build and define their digital content program.

Skills & Expertise:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Presenting and Storytelling

Favorite places on the web:

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