Manufacturing Companies Require Specialized Marketing and Web Development

Surrounded by manufacturing companies, we’ve spent the past 23 years focused on helping manufacturers of all shapes and sizes leverage the Internet to grow. Your challenge to communicate effectively with your prospects and customers is significantly different than direct consumer focused advertising. We live that challenge every day and have deep resources to help you expand your presence in an increasingly digital information world. 

Given recent world events, our understanding of the challenges and opportunities manufacturers face is more important than ever.

Marketing Challenges Uniquely Faced by Manufacturers

  • How will engineers use their website to source components?
  • Will an e-commerce presence upset their distribution network?
  • How to best serve end users in markets with little or no distributor presence?
  • How to get content from sales and engineering teams?
  • Small marketing teams tasked with both traditional and digital marketing
  • Traditional lead generation opportunities like trade shows being cancelled or ill-attended

These are just a few of the challenges that we help our manufacturing clients overcome every day. We’ve seen them many times before and we help our clients to craft solutions that work inside their organization. Our deep bench of experienced designers, writers, videographers and digital marketing strategists understand how to extract the expertise that makes your company unique and leverage it online to increase ROI. 

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Our track record speaks for itself. Take a look!

If you own a manufacturing company, or are the person tasked with lead generation and online growth, we would love to be part of the conversation. We’ve built a reputation for performance by taking an honest, partnership driven approach with our clients with a keen focus on generating sales, not just traffic. 

Take a look at a few of the manufacturing and industrial companies we’ve built websites and digital marketing campaigns for: 

  • Combi Packaging Systems - 10 year partnership that has worked with us on multiple website builds, SEO, digital advertising and branding. We have been alongside Combi as they have grown from a small end-of-line, highly custom packaging equipment shop to a large-scale packaging equipment and automation supplier to some of the biggest brands in the world.
  • United Titanium -15 year partner that has worked with us on everything from branding to web design, video content, SEO and advertising. Our initiatives are focused on helping design engineers understand how UTI can support them from product design and engineering all the way through multi-year production runs on everything from dental implants to submarines. 
  • Slick Woody's Cornhole Co. - Relatively new 3 year partner that manufacturers a consumer product (cornhole boards) marketed both direct to consumer via e-commerce and via a distribution network. We help with SEO, PPC, marketing automation and development work with their Shopify store. We are currently in the middle of their third record sales year.
  • Keller Technology Corporation - 5 year partner. Our job is to help them reach leadership and engineering teams in high-tech manufacturers such as medical device companies. Because Keller manufactures tight specification machinery they needed a marketing partner to help them reach a very specific audience with a message that resonates. We leverage web design, SEO, digital advertising, video and a bit of marketing automation to make that happen