Thomas Karcher

Jr. Systems Administrator

Born with a knack for tech, Thomas knew that he wanted to work in the field for quite some time. He's hopped around The Karcher Group—working with different departments—and finally settled into IT. He hopes that his time here will orient him on his path going forward.

When not at work, Thomas spends time:
  • Boating, water skiing and swimming
  • Golfing (he plays for his local high school team)
  • Working on his Jeep - and his friends' jeeps
  • Hanging out with friends
Little Known Facts:
  • Thomas earned his Eagle Scout at the age of 15
  • He attended and staffed the Scouts' National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
  • He does a pretty good Trump impersonation—it's tremendous. Ugely the best. The absolute best you’ve ever heard, believe me.
  • He rides dirt bikes
  • He listens to all music from classic rock to R&B and even some alternative
Skills and Experience:
  • Java
  • Servant leadership
  • Problem solving
Where Thomas gained his experience:

Attending and staffing NYLT helped Thomas gain enormous amounts of leadership experience. He also attends Walsh University through their College Credit Plus (CCP) program and is getting an early start on his degree.

Favorite places on the web: