Richie Kastl

Front End Developer

Richie is a huge nerd (don’t tell him we said that). Obsessed with trying to be the best designer/developer he can become, he wanted to be surrounded by people who were smarter than himself so he joined The Karcher Group in 2016.

When not at work, Richie’s life revolves around:
  • His best lifelong friends
  • Stand, an anti-bullying apparel company he started.
  • Running, he has run multiple races including a half marathon and Tough Mudder
  • Being an eternal student. He’s always learning from multiple different mediums such as online courses, blogs and books.
  • Playing a lot of Hearthstone
Little Known Facts:
  • His first job was gathering carts at a Kmart
  • Was originally going to school for cyber forensics instead of web development
  • Has played Trading Card Games (think Yugioh or Pokemon) at a competitive level for years (we told you he was a nerd)
Where Richie gained experience and knowledge:

Richie graduated from Lorain Community College with an Associate’s degree and has learned much of his skills from online courses such as

After graduation Richie worked at Certified Angus Beef for 3 years before coming on board.

Skills & Expertise:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
Favorite Places on the Web: