Michael Perkins

Marketing Consultant

Michael entered the workforce at just 10 years old, working at his father’s tavern to earn money over the summer. He continued working there, off and on until he was 27. So it makes sense that he has a strong work ethic and that he originally went to college to be a chef. But somewhere along the line, that plan took a detour and he landed in sales and management (yay for us!), which is where he excels.

When not at work, Michael’s life revolves around:
  • Raising his son, Emerson (and his dog, Ein)
  • Home improvement projects
  • Riding his motorcycle
  • Reading, especially history books or biographies
  • Searching the internet for cool bikes and cars and reading all about them
Little known facts:
  • With more than 3,000 comics in his collection, he’s a big comic book fan
  • Prefers classical over rock music when working in his garage (to help with creativity and stress reduction)
  • He rebuilt a motorcycle engine in the basement of his house
  • He’s a fan of old movies, especially Westerns
Skills & Expertise:
  • Business Communication
  • Business Development
  • Strategic planning & implementation
Where he gained knowledge & experience:

Michael grew up in Stark County, graduating from Jackson High School. He continued his education at the University of Akron. Since then, he’s had more than 12 years in sales and supervisory experience including eight years in the call center industry (but don’t blame him for all those telemarketing calls).

Favorite Places on the Web: