Kyle Obendorf

VP Sales & Marketing

With an extensive background in management, sales, marketing and all things digital, Kyle Obendorf is the perfect fit for his role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing here at The Karcher Group. While he's had the opportunity to work from coast to coast, Kyle couldn't resist the call back to his Midwestern roots when it came time establish a home for his family.

A natural leader, Kyle thrives in a fast-paced environment and enjoys motivating members of his team. From individual sales coaching to group brainstorming, he enjoys talking through new ideas and coming up with improvements to streamline processes that allow his team to work more effectively.

When not at work, Kyle's life revolves around:
  • His wife, his daughter and his son
  • The outdoors: hiking, camping, playing sports, going to amusement parks, biking (you get it)
  • Entertaining—whether it's a poolside cookout or playing cards with friends
  • Golf
  • Attending sporting events
Little Known Facts:
  • When he was around seven, Kyle was a MAJOR Michael Jackson fan—he had the red jacket, the sequined glove and even got his hair permed to look more like MJ (we're definitely trying to track down pictures)
  • He competed in youth BMX and was once sixth in all of Ohio
  • He's a foodie and loves spicy food, the spicier the better
  • He loves music and listens to anything from old school rap to classic rock
Skills & Expertise:
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Team Building & Motivating
  • Creative Thinking & Development
Where Kyle gained experience and knowledge:

Kyle attended Baldwin Wallace University, where he studied Business Management and Communications. After graduation, he worked in the construction/home building industry, where he specialized in project management. For the past 12 years, he’s worked in the sales & marketing industry in many different capacities and honed his sales, management and marketing skills in Columbia, SC in the online automotive industry. Prior to joining The Karcher Group, Kyle spent the last five years spearheading the sales and marketing efforts for an international automotive manufacturer and at an Akron/Cleveland-based marketing and advertising firm.

Favorite Places on the Web: