Kyle Crocker

Digital Marketing Analyst

In 2013, Kyle decided to bring his talents to The Karcher Group. A native of both Akron and the internet, he brings an insatiable curiosity about not only how things work, but what works best and, most importantly, why.

When not at work, Kyle’s life revolves around:
  • His family: Wife Nadine, son Colin, and daughter, Kora.
  • Soccer, he can frequently be found watching or participating in the beautiful game.
  • Motorsports, partial to cars that can turn both left & right, he is often up at unusual hours on weekends to watch Formula 1.
  • Skiing and various other forms of playing in the snow.
Little Known Facts:
  • Kyle’s first job was as a ski instructor.
  • Lifetime goal of owning a functional train car.
  • Held the Olympic Torch for the 1984 Los Angeles Games
Where Kyle gained experience and knowledge:

Kyle graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Houghton College in Western New York in slightly less time than average, despite having slept through his first day of classes.

After graduation, Kyle moved back to Ohio and took a position with a large company in the area. He moved around a couple times until he found his fit on a digital strategy team and was able to put his understanding of all things internet to good use.

Skills & Expertise:
  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Moderately Useful Trivia
Favorite Places on the Web: