Jonah Sutter

Jr. Systems Administrator

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Hoping to carve out his niche in the information technology landscape, Jonah Sutter will be joining our programming team as an intern this summer. Jonah is excited to earn more experience in his desired career field—but he thinks getting paid to do it is pretty great too. 

When not at work, Jonah spends time: 

  • Playing sports - he's on his college diving team, plays recreational soccer, snowboards and plays hockey
  • Reading - he's really into fantasy & fiction
  • Listening to music

Little Known Facts: 

  • Jonah is a certified snowboard instructor
  • He's also a certified soccer referee
  • He helped to coach is college diving team (we're sensing a theme here)
  • His family has a cabin on a lake in Vermont where they go every year for vacation

Skills and Experience: 

  • Java
  • Python
  • Bash

Where Jonah gained his experience: 

At six years old, Jonah knew he wanted to do something with computers. He enjoys the problem solving aspect of programming and IT drew him in even more. As an incoming sophomore at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, Jonah is studying Computer Information Systems and hopes to get an idea for which specialization he'd like to pursue during his time at TKG this summer. 

Favorite places on the web: 

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