Century-Old Company Goes Modern with Upgraded Server, Data Backup

Century-Old Company Goes Modern with Upgraded Server, Data Backup

"We’re confident that our information is safe with them, and if we do have issues, they’re quick to respond." - David Wagner

100 Years of Custom Solutions

The Heinemann Saw Company has been delivering industrial sawblades to the community since 1917. Located in Canton, OH, they have a long tradition of providing custom solutions to those who need to accurately and smoothly cut metal, plastic and wood.

The Need for Streamlined Security

Heinemann initially called The Karcher Group because they needed a place to set up their new server.

As we learned more, we discovered they also needed to incorporate the server into a system that could back up their data in two different locations. They also required reliable uptime and needed it to be secure.

A Tenuous Data Situation

Heinemann was using a desktop PC as their server. While they did have a backup solution for their information, the backup was on-site.

The server was aging, and they needed to find a way to move it off-site—especially because the server ran their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. So, if the server failed or sustained damage, Heinemann would have serious problems since the system quite literally maintained their business.

TKG even helped Heinemann Saw find a faster ISP

Secure, Safe, Reliable

If your business needs a secure, safe and reliable data solution, The Karcher Group can help. We offer quick turnarounds, 24/7 emergency response and custom plans based on your business’ unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

  • The Karcher Group upgraded Heinemann Saw's servers
  • TKG built a custom server solution for Heinemann Saw

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