Ellie Salvino

Video Intern

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In an effort to hone in her video filming and editing skills, Ellie will be joining our media team as an intern this summer. Ellie more or less grew up with a camera in her hand and is ready to take her skills to the next level. 

When not at work, Ellie spends time: 

  • Hanging out with friends and family
  • Playing with her cat, Chloe
  • Messing around with photography and videography
  • Looking for new music

Little Known Facts: 

  • Ellie studied French for two years in high school (but barely knows how to speak it)
  • She loves baking
  • She has her own YouTube channel and her own videos there
  • She loves hiking

Skills and Experience: 

  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Using a camera (probably a good start)

Where Ellie gained his experience: 

When she was little, Ellie was fascinated and curious about how movies were made. When she was about 12 she got an iPod touch and downloaded iMovie. With that app, she made a bunch of little videos with her siblings and cousins. Because she knew that she was on the path to video as a career, she joined the video production class at GlenOak High School where she's about to be a SENIOR. With the help of her video teacher, Ellie has already learned so much and hopes to only grow that knowledge and understanding at TKG this summer. 

Favorite places on the web: 

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