Derek Palizay

Derek Palizay

Inbound Marketing Strategist

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Derek joined the TKG family at the beginning of 2018.

Through a mutual connection, we learned of his work running an agency and growing a publication brand called The Modern Marketer—which averages 30-50k monthly readers and community members.

As Inbound Marketing Strategist at TKG Derek will primarily continue his role as The Modern Marketer. This includes the same high-energy, forward thinking, industry leading personality and content the community is accustomed to.

As we grow the influence and thought leadership of The Modern Marketer, it is also his goal to bridge the gap, segment and funnel MQLs + SQLs back into TKG—thus growing the client service business unit(s).

When not at work, Derek’s life revolves around:

  • His wife and three daughters
  • The Buffalo Bills
  • Creative arts, like music, drawing, etc.

Little known facts:

  • He and his wife source green coffee from around the world and roast it themselves. They eventually would love to start their own coffee brand
  • Derek loves sci-fi movies and movies heavily based around the advancement of technology. Naturally, he loves Iron Man and Black Mirror.

Skills & Expertise:

  • Business infrastructure & strategy
  • Content & Social Marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Video editing
  • Community development
  • Brand awareness

Where he gained experience and knowledge:

Operating as a full-time entrepreneur for the first 7 years of his career. 

Favorite places on the web:

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