Combi Packaging Systems

How we helped an end-of-line manufacturer raise their bottom line

Combi Packaging Systems came to us nearly 10 years ago to help grow their business online. As a subsidiary of 3M, Combi has aggressive sales goals set for them each year by their parent company. These expectations can seem especially daunting when combined with a longer sales cycle. Before they ever make a sale, Combi needs to build relationships with clients and truly understand their goals and challenges (we know the feeling).

Over the course of our partnership, we’ve implemented diverse digital marketing strategies to turn into a powerful lead generation tool. We knew that if we could get qualified prospects to the site or in front of one of Combi’s salespeople, it would save them time, shorten the sales process and get them closer to their goals. Now the website – along with an elevated brand identity – helps to attract more than 100 leads per month with 18 percent growth year over year.

Combi Packaging Systems


Bring in the right kinds of leads

Combi’s marketing plan needed the endurance to withstand their long sales cycle. We had to get in front of prospects repeatedly to remain top of mind in key decision-making moments.

Move the brand forward

When Combi made plans to move their expanding operations to a new facility, it was the perfect time to revisit their brand look and messaging.

"The Karcher Group offers invaluable digital marketing expertise, especially in the areas of branding and SEO. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our business growth. We consider them a true partner and an extension of our marketing team."



Data-based digital marketing

To get Combi in front of the right people at the right time, we’ve employed several tactics throughout the years, including content, SEO and constant website improvements.

Packaging the right brand

Not only did we expand Combi’s digital footprint, we created a new brand identity – complete with streamlined messaging and a new logo which is being rolled out over time.

Real results

leads in 12 months
sold online in five months
website visitors this year