B2B Company Increases Lead Gen Year Over Year for Last Five Years

B2B Company Increases Lead Gen Year Over Year for Last Five Years

Combi Packaging Systems, LLC is a longtime client of the Karcher Group. They specialize in affordable custom packaging solutions for a broad range of industries. Essentially, if your company needs to put something in a box, package or bottle, Combi provides the equipment to get the job done.

Aggressive Goal Setting Meets the Long Sales Cycle

As a subsidiary of 3M, Combi has aggressive sales goals set for them each year by their parent company. These aggressive goals can seem daunting when combined with a longer sales cycle necessitated by Combi’s need to focus on building relationships with clients to really understand their needs.

However, as we’ve worked with Combi throughout the years, we’ve helped them focus squarely on lead generation for all their digital marketing efforts. We knew that if we could get plenty of qualified leads onto the site, their social properties or in front of one of their salespeople, it would save them time, shorten the sales cycle and allow them to reach their goals.

Combi Packaging saw increased year over year leads increase with digital marketing

YOY Growth, Five Years Running

Our work with them has been to support them in reaching their goals, which continue to be set aggressively by 3M each year. Both Combi and our team has been pleased with how our strategy (which is rooted in data, and nimble enough to adjust as needed) has allowed them to experience continued growth over the last five years.

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  • Website Goal Completions

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