The Karcher Group Hires New Data Services Manager

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Scott Keenan

Scott Keenan Brings IT Background, Linux System Administration to Role North Canton, (Nov. 30, 2017) —The Karcher Group announces the hire of its new Data Services Manager, Scott Keenan. The Karcher Group, a digital agency celebrating 20 years in Northeast Ohio, runs a full data services unit alongside its digital marketing and site development capabilities. Adding capable and experienced data … Read More

20 Years of Driving Your Digital and Brand Strategy

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The Karcher Group - 20 Years

Geoff Karcher founded The Karcher Group in 1997, the same year Google launched its web search engine. Coincidence? You can decide for yourself. One thing’s for sure, he entered the Internet industry at the right time. Opening a web design shop during the peak of the infamous dot-com bubble had its perks. “Anyone who had an idea and could spell ‘Internet’ wanted … Read More

Getting in the Holiday Spirits

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The Karcher Group

How We Get Into the Holiday “Spirits” (and Why It’s Important to Our Core Philosophy) Real talk: every couple of weeks or so, we’ll find a reason to crack open a cold one with each other or a client. There’s just something about coming together over a libation that breaks down barriers and allows us to do what we do … Read More