The Karcher Group Acquires NetTrack Marketing

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Local digital marketing agency starts the year off with new acquisition The Karcher Group (TKG) announced today the acquisition of NetTrack Marketing, a leading digital marketing group with a keen focus on providing internet marketing for manufacturing companies and providers of B2B services. Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, NetTrack Marketing was recognized as a leading provider of website marketing and … Read More

The Karcher Group Names Darla Brown as Creative Director

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Darla Brown - The Karcher Group

Move allows digital agency to strengthen creative forces The Karcher Group (TKG), a digital marketing agency based in North Canton, announces the promotion of Darla Brown to Creative Director.  “Darla has proven herself as a creative force and has helped to develop a dedicated team of creative individuals to implement and achieve the goals of our clients,” said Geoff Karcher, … Read More

Buyer Personas and the 6 Reasons You Need Them

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Ever feel like your marketing campaigns resemble Adele singing her hit song, ‘Hello’? You know the line I’m talking about, “Hello from the outside / At least I can say that I’ve tried”. Yeah, we’ve all been there Adele. In a marketing scenario, this song can be heard lingering in the background of your subconscious every time you don’t get … Read More

Inspired Marketing: Lessons from nature

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Morning in nature

I can’t say I know it all. Not even close. But that excites me. It means every day, every conversation, every adventure is an opportunity to learn more than I do right now. A brisk walk into the office, a strenuous hike through the canyons or a leisurely stroll through the park are all learning opportunities for me. They might … Read More

Accessibility: Usability for all

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Sunset framed by hands making heart shape

I spent a vast majority of my third-grade year in a wheelchair because of a trampoline accident. To say things were hard would be an understatement. Getting dressed? It became a two-person job, one to cut the pants to fit over my massive cast and another to help get them on. Sitting in class for 8 hours a day? Absolute … Read More

Teamwork’s New Brand: The highlights and the bloopers

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Teamwork logo

Branding and web design are two of our favorite things here at TKG, so when they collided in a Teamwork rebranding initiative, you better believe we took notice. For those wondering what or who Teamwork is, they are your best friend when it comes to project management. Teamwork is a software suite that “frees teams to manage their work so … Read More

Telling Your Story with Images

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Mirror reflection of fjord

Let’s play a quick game of “Would You Rather?”. Would you rather read a 2,500-word article or look at pictures that express the same thing? My hunch is that you picked looking at images over reading. No shame, writing is my job and I picked the same thing. So, we’re in agreement – pictures are worth 1,000 words, if not … Read More