Aultman College worked with The Karcher Group to increase awareness

Century Old Nursing School Increases Online Awareness and Offline Interaction

Aultman Hospital is known name in Northeast Ohio, but the nursing school founded by the hospital nearly a century ago, Aultman College, lacked the wider recognition the hospital received. Aultman College needed a clear way to communicate who they were and drive recognition without getting lost in the broader Aultman name.

A Two-Pronged Strategy

The Karcher Group partnered with Aultman College to build a digital strategy that would increase brand awareness, drive open house registrations (“Discover Days”) and lead more prospective students to apply to the college. There were two parts to the strategy: a component that drove online awareness and engagement, and a component that encouraged individuals to take action beyond the click.

Using a combination of social media, digital ads and content, Aultman College increased registrations for each Discover Day by 39% (30-40 individuals per event). At each event, they hear prospective students say, “I see you everywhere online,” which is a marked change from when their efforts were more heavily focused on traditional marketing tactics.

social media, PPC and content drove awareness for Aultman College

Better Spending for for Better Results

Digital advertising has been particularly effective for Aultman College, since the team can make adjustments in real time for which platforms and ads are generating the best results. “It helps us to spend wiser,” said Deanna Wolf, Marketing Strategy Coordinator for Aultman College. “And it helps to point the way for when we do try a new site or platform.”

Not only are they seeing more individuals in person on campus for Discovery Days, there has been a 55% increase in website site traffic YOY, which includes more pageviews and more time spent on-page. This metric indicates that individuals are acting beyond simply recognizing the name and brand and taking time to learn more about the college and what it offers.

Overall, leadership at Aultman College has been so pleased with the results, that, “we have shifted most of our advertising efforts toward the online arena. These tactics will definitely be used in the future.”

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