SEO Strategist

When Brett was just five years old, and before the modern age of mouse's and Windows, Brett was working with computers. You could find him teaching himself how to load applications with a command line interface and tapping away on the keyboard. Not much has changed. He is still fascinated with computers and finding new ways to do things. Only difference is, he isn't focused on designing websites but instead spends his time analzing data and keyword trends to get websites found.

Outside the office, Brett is a father to two boys, two human-like cats and two chameleons. He likes to spend his spare time helping others and doing what he can to make a positive difference every day.

Brett Brett

Where he gained his knowledge

From a young age Brett found himself enamored with computers and the creative freedom they provided. In high school he was selected for an independent study graphic design class and chose to continue his design path throughout his college career at ITT Tech. It wasn't until he started teaching himself web design and SEO from home that he discovered his true passion. Since this shift, Brett has spent well over 15 years dedicated to refining his skills and processes to help better optimize websites for first page visibility on Google.

Skills and Expertise

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Content Development
  • Graphic Design

When not at work, Brett's life revolves around

  • Spending time with his family and his cats
  • Camping and connecting with nature
  • Riding his bike

Little known facts

  • He loves cooking breakfast on the grill
  • He had the first Super Mario Brothers game in 1985, before Nintendo bought the rights. It was called Jump Man and worked on IBM computers
  • He once rode his bike 150 miles in two days

Favorite places on the web