We recently expanded our digital agency to the Greater Columbia, SC region. This growing area mirrors Northeast Ohio in many ways and is home to many of the same types of companies that originally made us want to grow our business in Ohio.

Columbia might be the state capital of South Carolina, but it still retains the feel of a smaller town. Yet, just like our roots in Northeast Ohio, it boasts a diversified economy, with over 70 foreign affiliated companies, 14 Fortune 500 companies, several global and national headquarters, and, of course, lots of manufacturers.

We love the vibe (and let’s face it, the weather) of Columbia. Like our hometown, there are many opportunities to get involved and build relationships in the community. Families, students and transplants mingle together to make this city a bustling place that, at the end of the day, cares about re-investing back into itself.

We like that Columbia has a rich history that mixes with new business. The city is currently undergoing extensive revitalization that honors the traditions of the past while encouraging innovation for the future. Our specialty is building digital strategies in communities like this, where “brand spankin’ new” mixes with “we’ve been around for decades.”

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