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Workforce Email Support

How do I create a new Workforce E-mail account?

Detailed instructions including a handy video tutorial are available here: www.tkg.com/create-a-new-email-account.

What are the server settings?

  • Incoming Server: mail.thekarchergroup.com
  • Outgoing Server: mail.thekarchergroup.com
  • Encryption Used: TLS/SSL
  • Incoming port: 993
  • Outgoing Port: 465

How do I manage my SonicWALL?

Managing spam reports is easy in WorkForce. You can alter the following settings to meet your needs:

  • Amount of Junk Sent to my Inbox: Use the slider to increase or decrease the aggressiveness of your spam filter.  A higher number on the slider will move more email messages to your junk folder.
  • Rewrite Subject: This setting tags your email header with “VALUE” to indicate that the message is spam.  This is great for quickly identifying spam messages in your inbox. 
  • Whitelist Subject: You have the ability to whitelist keywords in the subject line of incoming messages, so they are not marked as spam.  You can also use the Blacklist Subject field to mark spammy keywords in the subject line.
  • Whitelist From and Blacklist From: These settings give you the ability to whitelist and blacklist senders automatically.

Be sure to enable the new spam settings by placing a check inside the box next to the rule you want to use:

How do I log in?
Go to http://filter.thekarchergroup.com:88/ and log in with the username and password we provided for you.  If you need us to reset your password, call support at 330.493.6141.

How do I manage my Junk Box Summary?
The Junk Box Summary is an email that the SonicWALL sends periodically to alert you about messages that were caught in the spam filter. You can manage how often you receive these emails by logging into the SonicWALL and clicking “Junk Box Summary” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Make sure “Adhere to System Defaults” is unchecked, and you can setup the frequency of the summary emails you receive. By default, you will receive a summary every 4 hours.

How do I unjunk messages?
If you have a message that is caught by the SonicWALL spam filter, you can either unjunk the message by clicking the “Unjunk” link sent in the Junk Box Summary email, or you can log into the SonicWALL and click the “Junk Box” link on the left-hand side of the window. This will take you to the list of junk messages blocked from your email.

What is the address book, and how do I use it?
The address book in the SonicWALL is a list of allowed and blocked email addresses.  It allows everything from an approved sender to get to your inbox, and stops all messages from blocked senders.  To view the address book, click on the “Address Book” link on the left-hand side of the screen after logging in.  From there you can add people to the allowed and blocked lists by selecting their respective tabs and clicking the “Add” button.

How do I manage my account?
Visit: https://mail.thekarchergroup.com/ng to manage your account. From there you'll be able to change your password, adjust spam settings and control other things like your Out of Office messages.

Where can I find email software support?


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