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The Love - Employee Stories

So how do we feel about TKG, Hangar 8 and its inhabitants?

Here are a few words from some of the fam:

Julie Kephart:

It is great to work in a place filled with cooperation and trust, where your abilities and opinions are valued. Being able to enjoy going to work is a rare and wonderful thing. TKG truly offers a partnership with its clients, helping each other better understand how to communicate with users. TKG isn’t perfect, always striving to improve and propel itself forward, but so far it is a wonderful place to work.

Leanne Wicks:

Coming to work for TKG was scary at first – it’s hard being new! But, a couple of years later, I can now say that it was the best career move for me. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some exciting client projects and been challenged to learn new things and grow. My favorite part is knowing that my voice matters here – both to my clients who view TKG as a real partner, and not a just vendor, but to management also. New ideas are encouraged and the transparency provided by TKG is real. If you’ve got a good attitude and a willingness to work hard, and learn new things, TKG is a great place to be! The pool table is kind of awesome too…

James Golden:

It’s the excitement I have in the startup feel of our workplace that really motivates me. Each day I have the hope (and knowledge) that we’ve propelled a client’s business (or even ours) to the next level. As a group, we are young and driven and because of that we can keep our feel casual while providing a professional level of service - some meetings are held at the pool table.

The fact that we focus on establishing a relationship/partnership with our clients in order to see them grow their online businesses (through our combined efforts) is why I’m continually reminded my career with TKG is purposeful and will not change.

Megan Jeffrey:

I like that TKG is a family company. Yes, we’re family owned, but I mean – we’re a family. We are sort of in each other’s lives and business – but in the best possible way. We care what happens to each other, and try to support one another in good times and in trial.

I also like that I can wear jeans to work….and most of us do – though when meeting with clients some of us really ramp up our look to…khakis. I do think though, that while we are casual, our clients know we are serious about helping them make the best use of the web to grow their business or help their organization. When we see a client doing really well, especially because of work we have done for them, we all celebrate.

Aaron Lehman:

When I interviewed here they told me they cared about my family and respected my time. I did not believe them at first. Was I ever wrong. Not only do I feel valued as an employee but the family atmosphere at TKG is something that is extremely hard to find in the workplace. I am so grateful to be here!

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