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Why Email Marketing?

Email may be considered uncool and slightly ancient, but we’ve assembled a few reasons to explain why we think you should keep this “old dog” of the marketing world around.

It’s inexpensive. Unlike direct mail, email has no printing or postage costs – whether you send one email a day or one email a year. There are also a bunch of email service providers (Constant Contact, Emma, MailChimp, etc.) with very affordable monthly plans that provide customizable templates.

It’s effective. Email generates a pretty phenomenal return on investment because it has an incredible reach, (know anyone who doesn’t have an email address?) it’s inexpensive for the sender, and people are always CHECKING it. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2011 “Power of Direct” economic impact study, email generates $40.56 for every dollar spent on it. People, that’s some good ROI.

It’s easy to measure.  Even the most basic, out-of-the-box email service providers provide a digital dashboard that measures your click through rate, bounce rate, open rate, opt-outs, email forwards, social shares and more.

It’s everywhere. Does your grandma have email? Yeah, ours too. ‘Nuff said.

It’s easy to produce. With design templates readily available, it’s a fairly quick process to write, design and blast out a professional email. A traditional print process, on the other hand… let’s not talk about print.

See why we’re not about to give up on email marketing? And why you shouldn’t either? If it works, it works!

Let’s talk about making email work for your biz; simply request a quote to get started.

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