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Serving businesses small and large

The Karcher Group started business working with many of Northeast Ohio’s industrial businesses. As time went on, we were fortunate to curate a portfolio of clients that includes big name clothiers, physicians groups, jewelers, chocolatiers, plumbing suppliers, truck and car parts suppliers and so much more.

We provide Web Development and Web Marketing services to Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small owner-operator businesses, and feel blessed with the opportunities each organization provides. On any given day we work on a variety of projects that keep life at Hangar 8 interesting.  

Each of our teams work together under one roof to provide the best service to our clients. The ability to talk to a developer about a client’s project, work out details with content and align with Web marketing goals together makes a big difference in the end product.

We take our time during the recruitment process because we want to be sure that both employer and employee feel like we’ve found the right fit. Our mission as employer is to hire a team member who embraces our work hard/play hard philosophy, and we want each new employee to feel like he or she has found a new home away from home. So get started on finding your next work home by browsing our open positions.

Looking for internship opportunities? TKG also offers several paid internships to college students every year. Many of these interns have become full time employees.

People First. Digital Always.
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