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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service Agreement is provided under The Karcher Group’s (TKG) terms and conditions, and TKG reserves the right to supplement or make changes to these terms at its sole discretion. These amendments and modifications will become effective immediately upon publication on www.tkg.com.

Data Center

TKG’s data center will have power, backup emergency power and controlled HVAC temperatures for all client hardware. That said, no guarantee is made or implied with respect to uninterrupted operations. Physical access to the data center will be controlled on behalf of TKG’s data services team except as otherwise noted in this service agreement. For physical access to our data center, we request that you schedule an appointment at least one week in advance.

Changes Affecting Data Services

TKG reserves the right to make changes to our data services (patches, upgrades, etc.) from time to time, and we will do our best to notify our clients one week before any such changes take place. If a shorter notification period is necessary, those changes may be made with prior notification that is practical and reasonable under the circumstances. TKG will attempt to minimize any service unavailability that may be caused or required by any service change, but if an outage is required, it will be considered planned downtime.

Data Center Availability

TKG’s data center will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, except for planned downtimes or unavoidable disasters.

Request Action Guarantee

TKG’s data services team promises to acknowledge the receipt of client requests relating to data services within one business day, and will act on the request within 24 hours of the initial request acknowledgement.

For more information about our data services procedures and regulations, contact a member of our support team today.


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