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The Teams

Great Teams = Great Work

We work in teams at TKG for reasons that revolve both around our clients and our staff.

First, we always want to ensure great customer service. This means responding to emails and calls in a timely manner, respecting time restraints and fostering great relationships with our clients. A team approach means that nothing ever falls through the cracks with a project.

Second, we want to have each other’s backs. Working in teams allows us to go on (and enjoy!) vacation, take a sick day or just work from home if necessary, knowing that the team in the office is familiar with your clients and can address any client issues that may come up.

We’ve crafted internal, client-based teams, made up of members from each group below. This allows us flexibility with scheduling as well as the security of knowing that everyone on your team knows your client as well as you do.

  • Sales and Client Management Team – These team members not only make sure clients are well cared for, they also help each client find exactly the right solution for their business.
  • Client Services Team - These are the folks that serve client needs – they develop, create, design, write, and strategize to meet and exceed the goals of our clients.
  • Data Services Team  - The inhabitants of the Nerdery (aka “the keepers of the blinking lights”) keep staff and clients connected, our equipment running in tip-top shape, and sites visible and working properly.
  • Essentials Team – Our “front line” includes the cheery voice on the phone, to human resources and finance staffers. These team members make sure we have everything employees need internally to serve our clients well
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