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W3C Standards Compliance

Move forward with or without us

We believe in taking a standards oriented, professional approach in everything we build.

Whether it’s a simple CMS or a complex e-commerce site, we think you’re entitled to a professionally built system that can move your company forward, with or without the help of TKG.

Yep, we said it. We believe you shouldn't ever be stuck with messy, proprietary code that no other professionals can figure out.

We also believe that every Internet user, whether they have vision impairments, are on a mobile device or simply have a tough time navigating the web, should be able to use your website.  That's why we adhere to W3C standards when we build our sites.  It gives our clients piece of mind knowing that they have a professionally built product that either their internal team, or other web professionals can work with going forward.

Is your site is meeting compliance standards for all devices? If not, request a quote for W3C compliant professional web development services today.

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