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Our Social Media Marketing Approach

Social media marketing is more than a presence on Facebook and Twitter; it’s a valuable tool to help you reach a wider audience,connect with that audience and grow your business.

We’re big believers at TKG that social media is not a stand-alone endeavor or a “be everywhere at once” strategy. It should be incorporated into your overall web marketing strategy – sometimes taking the lead, other times taking a backseat. Occasionally, we’ll even suggest social not taking a seat at all.

So, before we propose you start Tweeting 42 times a day, we’ll help you establish a few things first:

Determine if social is right for you – That’s right, there are situations where we’ll suggest investing your marketing dollars elsewhere. It all comes down to your business objectives and audience.

Set goals – Do you want to improve your reach and online engagement? Do you want more online visibility? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? We’ll guide you in your goal setting, and then track your progress in meeting those goals.

Select the right platforms – Who are your customers? Where are they most likely to hang out online? Are you B-to-B or B-to-C? This is the part where our recommendations might surprise you. We might suggest you spend more time on Pinterest than on Facebook. It's been known to happen around here.

Set realistic expectations – Do you have the financial and personnel resources to make social media a reality, or are you living in a world with unicorns and 24/7 rainbows? No matter is you're going to outsource your social media or make adjustments in house, either way you're talking about an investment.

Craft a strategy specific to your business – Once we have your objectives solidified, it’s time to get down to the fun stuff! From high level strategy to granular blog topics, we want to ensure that your social media efforts are successful.

At TKG, we offer our clients a full-service “social” experience: account set-up, platform management, ideation, implementation, tracking and reporting … you get the idea.

Contact us today, or check out this social media strategy case study.

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