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Sherlock X. Ossa

data services manager

Sherlock is a Florida transplant who moved to Ohio with his wife in 1997 to raise their family in the Lake Township area. He is a History Channel junkie and loves spending time with his family. His degree is in Psychology, but he caught the tech bug after college.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and has recently taken up photography as a hobby.  With two teenage daughters, Kaity (18) and Karis (15), along with a lively 4 year old named Samuel, there is no shortage of things to do at the Ossa household.

When not at work Sherlock’s life revolves around:

  • His family and friends
  • Keeping a very active 4 year old boy entertained and making sure he understands the difference between the DC and Marvel universe of superheroes
  • Evening walks, sometimes shortened by Peaches, the family’s Lhasa Apso (she just can’t keep up!)
  • Nature photography—he’s been able to get some pretty cool moon photos this year
  • Target pistol and rifle shooting; soon reloading his own ammunition

Little Known Facts:

  • His first job out of college was as a youth pastor
  • He played soccer in high school
  • He used to surf and skateboard in high school and college until he found inline skating in college
  • He is a first generation American

Skills and Expertise

  • Apple iOS junkie
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Can translate geek speech into English

Where He Gained Knowledge and Experience:

Sherlock attended Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida and was involved in service work as a Workship  Leader. Every semester he would lead a group of students on volunteer missions. In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, he led a trip to help rebuild homes in Homestead, FL. After moving to Ohio, he decided to switch gears and took a job working as desktop support tech and from there he continued applying his mind to the tech side. For three years he taught others how to get certified on Microsoft systems and taught SQL Server classes at New Horizons. He has worked at Goodyear and Marathon Petroleum as a Windows Systems administrator.

Favorite Places on the Web:

People First. Digital Always.
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