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SEO Reporting

Want to know if your SEO investment is generating a return? When implemented correctly, SEO is a highly trackable and quantifiable process. Put another way: we can see if it works.

At TKG, you’ll receive regular reports (for most clients, monthly or quarterly) that detail all the aspects of your SEO campaign: search engine rankings, website traffic, website referrals, forms data, leads, sales, and much, much more – free of geek-speak, and in language you can understand.

If you like web stats as much as we do (we’re a lot of fun at parties), this is your bag. If not, we’re always happy to walk you through the numbers and pretty charts.

Actionable Data is the Key

Most importantly, we’ll give context and meaning to those numbers, turning them into an actionable plan.

A pretty report without context is just a nice place to set your coffee mug. Our reports, however, interpret key metrics to keep your SEO campaign moving onward and upward: What’s working? What needs to be tweaked? Where is there a window of opportunity?

We track -> analyze -> adjust -> repeat

Request a quote from TKG to get your online marketing on the right track.

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