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SEO Questions Agencies Should Know

Want to see if your prospective SEO vendor really knows what they’re talking about? Ask ‘em these questions and watch closely for signs of hesitation, flinching or eye-glazing. Better yet, see if their answers match ours. 

There are all sorts of people and businesses hopping on the SEO bandwagon: ad agencies trying to “beef up” their product offerings, fly-by-night types trying out SEO as a side job, etc. Just because they say they do SEO doesn’t mean they truly understand all the ins-and-outs of the business.

  • Can you optimize dynamic content?

A good SEO firm should be able to effectively optimize any site, even sites with dynamic content. If a dynamic site is built properly, it will perform just as well in the search engines as a static site. (That’s another reason we have developers and marketers under one roof!) Don’t let anyone smooth-talk you into add-ons, extra copies of your site and other nonsense.

Contact us for a list of dynamic sites that we’ve made search engine-friendly.

  • Will changes you make to my site be visible to users?

They’d better be. Well-marketed sites don’t rely on hidden tricks and ploys. A website should use web marketing tactics with the user in mind, not search engines. In fact, search engines prefer it that way, and who are we to argue?

  • Can you maintain the integrity of my design while implementing SEO?

Yes, in most cases. There are times that we will recommend changes in order to improve the overall performance of the site. For example, we may suggest that art-based text be converted into HTML to aid in the SEO process, or we may ask to optimize the code for more efficient download times and page weights. 

  • How do you determine my SEO budget for organic rankings?

A budget should be based on thorough research of your site, company and industry, as well as your expectations. Pre-packaged SEO plans will either charge you too much for too little or not meet your goals and expectations. We offer each potential SEO client several budget options, depending on the competitive landscape and how aggressively they want to improve their site’s performance.

  • What if I only need help with on-page optimization or link building?

We build SEO strategies around your site's needs. If that’s on-page optimization or link building, that’s where we’ll put most of our effort. In other words, we won’t force SEO services on you that won’t benefit your site. Avoid “all or nothing” firms, and focus instead on firms that provide custom strategies. Like ours.

  • What happens after you optimize my site?

Look out for companies that have nothing to say about your site’s future SEO maintenance. While the bulk of SEO occurs in the beginning of a campaign, dropping the ball after initial optimization is unacceptable. Your site’s advancement in the search engines could slow down, come to a screeching halt, or even go backwards. Capable firms will ensure constant attention on your site’s success today, tomorrow and for the life of their service. And, if the initial optimization works beyond our expectations, further optimization allows for keyword expansion, link building, further growth, etc.

  • Do you outsource any of the SEO or web marketing?

Find a company that keeps most if not all SEO services in-house. While outsourcing doesn’t necessarily equate to bad service, a well-recognized and experienced team like ours believes in an under-one-roof approach for the best result.

  • What do you consider success?

Look for a firm that’s completely results-focused. For us, that’s seeing steady increases in your site’s vital statistics (site traffic, conversion rate, form conversions, sales, etc.). While increasing search engine rankings is a step in the right direction, ultimately we focus on getting the right people to your site and generating results that help your bottom line.

  • Do you focus more on rankings or conversions? Why?

Experienced SEO experts will always keep an eye towards the bottom line, which is why our team focuses more on conversions. SEO should be seen as an investment. While high rankings lead to more qualified users, and thus more sales, you should ultimately expect to see a return in the form of conversions.

  • Can I increase my sales and profits without focusing on just traffic?

Successful marketing campaigns always go the extra mile. Strong copy, high usability standards and a focus on conversion rates are all factors that should be considered.

  • What about status reports or updates?

Again, an SEO firm shouldn’t drop off the face of the earth after initial optimization. We offer you regular status reports via email or personal delivery that keep you updated on your site’s vital statistics. Any questions about the SEO status of your site in between reports are always welcome, as well.

  • Can you help me stay ahead of my competition?

The status reports described above will include our recommendations on how your site may be improved. So yes, we can keep you ahead of the competition. In fact, we can make you intimidating to your competition.

  • What kind of experience does your SEO team have?

When hiring any company to provide a service, it makes sense to ask these types of questions; after all, these are the people that will be handling your investment.

Our SEO team is well-rounded and experienced; Jon and Leanne hold certifications in Google Analytics and AdWords, Sarah has a wealth of content marketing, blogging and creative ideation experience, and they’re supported by an experienced team of marketing professionals. In short, we bring together a wealth of copywriting, usability, PPC, research and many other SEO services.

  • Can you guarantee top rankings?

Nope. If a company tries to tell you differently, beware of their marketing techniques that may include turning your beloved site into SPAM. Besides Pay-Per-Click advertising, top spots are out of anyone’s hands. What we can guarantee is that we’ll do everything we can to continually make your site optimized for SEO success.

  • Do you emphasize organic or pay-per-click marketing techniques?

Each site, business, industry and campaign is different, so we won’t offer a standard approach for all, but typically a blend of the two is best.

  • What kinds of analytics do you conduct?

The kinds that tell us all about your site’s vital statistics. Vital statistics include unique visitor data, referral rates and conversion rates. Keyword ranking reports, search engine referral reports, conversion / ROI reports, path analysis reports and other customized reviews of your site are all available.

  • Does having a mobile-friendly site matter?

    Yes. Google's most recent algorithm update rewards websites that are mobile-friendly and penalizes sites that offer poor user experiences. With such high stakes, it's important to work with an SEO provider that is well-versed in responsive design and mobile optimization (did we mention we do both) to help improve your site's mobile friendliness. 

When you’re selecting an SEO company for your business, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. We have a team that's dedicated to you and your website. If you are interested in learning how TKG can help with your website, please complete our online marketing quote form.

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