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SEO Pricing

The Skinny on SEO Pricing

Everybody wants to know the price of SEO, but few SEO companies want to put their pricing online. There are many variations in the services needed to achieve online marketing ROI, which can make it difficult to attach an open price tag. A local mom-and-pop shop has a very different SEO challenge than a national e-commerce business. 

Our SEO services are completely unique to each client – and so are our prices. The investment you make in SEO ultimately depends on the results you hope to achieve and the kinds of tactics you want us to implement to get you there. This is all a very long way of saying: More SEO dollars lead to better results.

That said – we don’t want to leave you hanging, so here are some “ballpark” budget recommendations based on other successful TKG clients:

  • Local B-to-C service business (spas, lawn care, auto services, remodeling, etc.): $1,500 to $4,000 per month
  • B-to-B professional services business (law firms, CPA firms, engineering, financial institutions etc.): $3,000 to $8000 per month
  • B-to-C services (higher education, medical facilities, etc.): $3500 to $9500 per month
  • B-to-C e-commerce business (niche e-commerce, food product e-commerce, etc.): $4,000 to $10,000 per month
  • Industrial manufacturer (machinery & equipment manufacturers, processors, material suppliers etc.): $4000 to $8000 per month
  • Consumer product manufacturer (food products, building materials, etc.): $5000 to $15,000 per month

Looking for an SEO budget that is right for your business? Remember that success is different for each business. Contact us to request a custom search engine optimization quote today!

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