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SEO Facts Vs. Fiction

Don’t let those “too good to be true” online marketing ploys fool you. SEO firms (we use that term loosely) that promise 500 visitors a day, high rankings, and skyrocketing conversion rates are using tired marketing antics that usually hurt your website’s performance. (Search engines weren’t born yesterday.)

Knowing fact from fiction will help you lead your marketing campaign down the path to happily ever after, while also making you aware of common “SEO red flags.”

Fiction…FREE search engine optimization!!!

Fact…Yeah, it’s free alright. Free of rankings, free of leads, and free of traffic to your site. Just like any other aspect of your business, it takes time, careful thought and talent to properly and effectively carry-out an SEO strategy for your website. Can anyone really give you that for free? Listen to your gut, and ask what you’re really getting for “free.”

Same goes for ultra-cheap SEO: that $29 deal? You’ll be lucky to get 29 minutes of work on your site.

Submit your site for IMMEDIATE listings in 40 gazillion search engines for $3.99.

Fact…Seeing results from SEO will take time and effort. Think campaign, not ploy. Do you really think you can get a bunch of quality listings in the search engines for less than a fast-food value meal? Google has made it exceptionally clear over the past few years: they reward sites with excellent content that deliver an outstanding user experience. Period.

Stuffing meta tags with tons of keywords is all it takes for SEO success.

Fact…This may have worked for a short while in 2004, but times have changed. Meta tags are now just 1 of hundreds of variables search engines consider when determining the rankings of a website. And, sure, tons of keywords on each page sound great, but did you know search engines can detect if a keyword has been used too many times on a given page? The bottom line is this: careful site evaluation, research, planning and patience are necessary factors of an effective SEO strategy.

Guaranteed #1 Google rankings!

Fact…Nothing in life is guaranteed. We don’t guarantee rankings because we don’t control search engine algorithms, and neither do any other web marketing agencies. Instead, we monitor and track your site’s rankings to keep you moving in the right direction, and proactively respond to search engine algorithm ranking changes (like this one).

Rankings can’t be lost.

Fact... Search engines reserve the right to change their ranking systems (search algorithm) at any time, which means rankings can and will change. There are a number of reasons why your site’s rankings will fluctuate, including a competitor completing a massive optimization overhaul to take your prized positions. If your site is optimized correctly however, chances are you won’t see large fluctuations. Just remember: fluctuations in your site’s rankings are possible.

Marketing? Rankings? Yeah, my IT guy has it covered.

Fact…You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your car, so even if your trusty IT guy can program his own socks off, why would you let him run your marketing campaign? Search Engine Marketing is an extension of your overall marketing plan; leave the work to experienced folks like us who can safely handle the complex and delicate process.

That’s it. It’s all over. My site has been penalized and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Fact…If your site has been penalized due to negligent SEO firms or common mistakes made by those who don’t know better, there are ways to get back in search engines' good graces. We know how to fix your site’s faults and get your site back on track!

Well, my site’s fully optimized. Done!

Fact...It’s important to continually maintain and update your site’s optimization. Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of search engines and the Internet, optimization is always evolving, too. Consider the development of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0– the blogosphere, the increasing importance of social search, mobile search (which is growing at a monstrous rate), local search…need we say more?

Fiction...Having a mobile-friendly site doesn't matter.

Fact...Having a mobile-friendly site totally matters. In fact, Google's most recent algorithm update will reward sites that offer a mobile-friendly experience with improved organic search rankings. So if your site needs a little help in the responsive design department, don't worry. We can get your site up to snuff in no time.


Fairy tales are fiction. Our SEO team, however, understands the web and will craft a strategic web marketing plan to meet your business goals. Request a quote for our SEO services to get started today!

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