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The Roles

Everyone is important!

Everyone has an important role to play in creating focused online strategies to grow the businesses of our clients. While this is not a complete list of every role or job at TKG, these positions build the teams that serve our clients directly.

  • Director – A Director directs, which is just a fancy way of saying they are “the manager’s manager.” Our directors keep everything moving on time and in the right direction to keep both clients and employees happy.
  • Manager – Account Managers are the folks directly in charge of keeping our clients satisfied and informed. They act as a go-between for our teams and clients and help ensure projects are finished on time and to a client’s satisfaction.
  • Coordinator – An Account Coordinator helps coordinate and allot time for Account Managers to manage and grow clients. They also assume duties as assigned to help support the Client Management team.
  • Strategist - A Strategist plans and implements strategies across all aspects of Web Marketing and Content to achieve the goals of the client.
  • Developer – A Developer writes code, executes designs and completes front end mark up for our clients’ website projects.
  • Designer – A Designer is the creative force behind our websites, literature, logos and other marketing materials.
  • Specialist - A Specialist works alongside the strategist, putting each point of developed strategy into action.
  • IT Customer Support – Our Support staff is always available to help clients with questions, make sure their domains are registered on time and help with any email or hosting issues.

We also have an Essentials team that does a number of client-facing and internal tasks from human resources and bookkeeping to being that friendly face and voice for greeting visitors.

  • Administrative Assistant – Answers telephones, hands out coffee and Dum Dums, and keeps everyone organized. Oh, and they also make sure we have snacks. (There’s lots of other stuff too, but it’s about priorities, people.)
  • Finance – Handles invoicing, budgeting and bookkeeping.
  • Human Resources - Manages our insurance, hiring, and payroll.
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