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PPC Qualifications

How do you know if your Web Marketing firm has the first clue about running a PPC campaign? Believe us when we say you don’t want to be someone’s “first stab” at managing a PPC campaign. (Your money’s involved.)

Thankfully, there are a few official certifications of qualification in place to help make sure you’re not hiring a newbie. (We also just so happen to have earned these):

Google AdWords individual certification – Individual practitioners can demonstrate proficiency in Google AdWords by meeting Google’s set criteria. Individuals must pass both the fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam to achieve “Individually Qualified” status.

Google AdWords company certification – Companies can distinguish themselves as a Certified Partner if one team member achieves Individual Certification, the company demonstrates expertise in managing AdWords accounts and everyone agrees to a set of terms and conditions.

Exciting stuff here.

Of course, we like to think the very BEST experience comes from lots and lots of real world client experience. We’ve worked with clients of all shapes and sizes on PPC campaigns that help clients meet their goals – both short and long-term.

Talk to us about how PPC can help your business achieve results.

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