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Our PPC Process

While PPC may give you the instant gratification of being on “Page 1” of search results, there are still several steps to ensure your PPC campaign ultimately delivers a return on investment that meets your business goals.

The PPC Process at TKG goes a little like this:

  1. Account set-up. We’ll set up your account and analytics tracking in Google or other paid platforms. It’s essential to get set up correctly from the get-go…if you want to avoid reporting disasters down the road. And believe us, you want to avoid reporting disasters down the road.
  2. Keyword research. We’ll research the keywords and phrases on which you should bid, conduct competitor research, and get a full understanding of the PPC landscape in your industry. We’ll also talk to you to see what keywords you think are most important.
  3. Establish a budget. You choose how much you want to spend each month, then we’ll handle the PPC bid management process. Your bid, combined with your overall quality score, determine your ad’s placement on the page. The more popular and “in demand” your keywords are, the more you’re likely to spend for each click.
  4. Get creative. We’ll create ads that are specific and highly targeted to encourage visitors to click through to your site. We do this through persuasive calls to action, targeted special offers, promotions, and more.
  5. Landing pages. A great ad needs to take visitors to a great landing page. We’ll create optimized landing page content that leads users toward your ultimate goal – conversions.
  6. Test and refine. We’ll closely monitor your PPC campaign to see what works and what doesn’t, then refine the process by keeping the ads with the best results.

To learn more about what our PPC process might look like for your specific business, contact us today. We’d love to talk!

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