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Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

PPC advertising makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses. Is yours one of them?

  • Small initial investment

In general, search engines don’t charge anything to insert a PPC advertisement. There’s no fee to set up an account and you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad.  It’s like joining a gym and only paying for each pound you lose – who wouldn’t go for that?

  • Set your own budget

With PPC advertising, you can tailor your budget based on your sales goals and how aggressive you would like to be. This keeps you from wandering over budget or getting in over your head.

  • PPC advertising levels the playing field

Even if your business is comprised of three people in a basement office (hey, that’s how we started), you can still compete with national chains.

  • Instant gratification

Okay, we’ve warned you about companies that promise immediate search engine rankings, but PPC is the exception to the rule. Because of the nature of PPC ads, you’ll get top placement right away, assuming you have a quality ad and followed the set-up rules. What’s more, you’ll get results (and we mean sales) more quickly than with organic SEO methods.

  • Real-time “trackability”

We make sure your PPC campaign stays as effective and efficient as possible by tracking keyword and phrase successes (and failures), which ads bring in the most traffic (and which are duds), conversion rates and more. By doing this, you can be sure that your PPC ads are operating at maximum levels, especially since we can make any necessary changes immediately. Compare this to other forms of advertising, where results can take months to determine and changes can take weeks to implement.

  • National exposure

Since both Google and Yahoo!, along with their network partners, reach the vast majority of Internet users, placing a PPC ad on one of those engines will ensure your site is getting out there – and we’re talking Nome, Alaska, out-there.

  • Increase local visibility

So maybe you own a gym or a hair salon, or maybe you run a small landscaping company. Even though your clients are going to be exclusively local, PPC is still a worthwhile investment for you. By carefully crafting and targeting your site’s campaign, you can pre-qualify your site’s traffic based on location or other factors to make sure you are driving the right people to your site.

  • Honest-to-goodness marketing

If your business is new to the market, your site has recently launched or you just want people to know who you are, PPC is for you. PPC ads are posted at the top and right side of search engine results pages – prime real estate on the page..

Even if you’re convinced that organic SEO is the best option for you, top results take time. Consider PPC advertising as your “while-you-wait” marketing tool to get results while your organic SEO efforts start building up.

Interested in getting your PPC campaign(s) started? We would be happy to walk you through the details and have your campaigns up-and-running in no time. Request a quote today!

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