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On-page Optimization

Gone are the days when SEO specialists could treat your website like a thesaurus graveyard, littering your site with copy designed for robots rather than your customers. As search engine algorithms grow more sophisticated, so must the specialist. Anything less than a custom, individualized approach to your business is a waste of your time and money (not to mention virtually useless for your customers).

Effective SEO marries strategy with savvy branding, and it all starts with smart on-page optimization. From optimized h1s to laser-focused page titles to sharply crafted meta descriptions, targeted SEO for your business and industry will play nice with both robots and humans. Keywords (one of the very first pieces of research we do for you) flow seamlessly throughout your copy. And that’s the stuff you CAN see…we also are no schlubs when it comes to fine-tuning your schema microdata (yep, it’s a thing, and it’s important).

We’d love to discuss more about your SEO needs, wants, desires, questi—kidding! Contact us to request a quote

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