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Listen... it’s time to pull theplug on your outdated website.

With one foot in the grave and the other hanging on for dear life, your website has officially reached the geriatric stage.

Pull the plug, and update your old geezer of a website with help from the TKG development team. All you have to do is fill out the form below and calculate your discount. 

That’s right; we’re offering a discount based on the age of your old website. The older your site, the better deal you’ll get. Plus, when you decide to finally pull the plug, we’ll sweeten the deal with a free Apple Watch.


Calculate your discount right here. What year did your website go live?

Your discount is $2500 plus a free Apple Watch!
To get started on Pulling the Plug, fill out the form below!
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I need a new website!

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Apple Watch

*Apple Watch model and color may vary.

Signs it's time to pull the plug:
  1. It takes forever to load
  2. It has broken buttons or links
  3. It doesn't work on mobile devices
  4. It's covered in stock photography
  5. The design is narrow and outdated
  6. It doesn't have clear calls to action
  7. It uses outdated fonts
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