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Off-page Optimization

On-page optimization is important, of course, but did you know you should be optimizing off-page as well?

If we haven’t stressed it enough at this point, search algorithms are sophisticated enough to take in not just the depth of your site in itself, but the breadth of it across the Web as well. Not-so-respectable, spammy, “black hat” tactics of the past no longer work long term in today’s search scape, so the strategy for your off-page optimization should be as detailed as your on-page plan.

Great off-page optimization, like claiming and updating name/address/phone listings, appearing in relevant directories (but not all directories), and natural link building helps increase SERP rankings, traffic and PageRank, and gives your business more exposure online. We may also find that content opportunities like blogging and Social Media fit well into your off-page optimization strategy, but of course, we will determine if those tactics work as we craft your overall, personalized SEO plan.

As the search engines grow and change, so must the online portion of your business. Contact us to request a quote

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