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Medical Staffing SEO Case Study

Emergency Medicine Physicians

Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP), a Canton-based company offering third-party staffing to hospital emergency departments, approached TKG in 2009 for a website redesign. They needed a site with the capability to capture CV/resume uploads from top physician talent for their emergency room staffing.

Since launching that site back then, TKG has continued to build the site and create relevant content aimed at EMP’s target audience to drive traffic and increase conversions. Our customized search and conversion optimization plan encouraged qualified residents to upload their CV/resumes for consideration at EMP’s partner hospitals.

Through these continued efforts, the site saw a 20% increase in organic search traffic to EMP.com from 2013 to 2014. The addition of a “current openings” button also helped boost emergency room physician leads, with a 57% increase in CV/resume uploads. TKG continues to serve as the online wing of EMP’s marketing department, keeping all of their efforts integrated and optimized.

EMP Medical Staffing Company SEO Case Study

Download and share this EMP conversion optimization case study or request a quote today.

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