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Manufacturer Web Development

Manufacturers need a website that will sell their products through distributor networks or other channels unique to their industry, as opposed to the final consumer. Though they may have the desire to sell directly to the public, they usually shy away from that to avoid competing with their distribution partners. Here are some additional challenges we've helped our manufacturer clients overcome:

Manufacturer Challenges:

  • Provide content for website users that distributors cannot or will not keep on their websites.
  • Maintain quality and consistency of content and branding across all web properties.
  • Market their products without stepping on the toes of distributors.
  • Generate leads and drive sales for distributors.


  • Make all site content available for distributors to link to from their own sites
  • Allow distributors some branding or "private labeling" of their content within the manufacturer website.
  • Make it very easy for web users to locate a local dealer, both from the main navigation and from product detail pages.
  • Ensure that all dealer databases are open to the search engines (filling out a zip code form should not be required, etc.) so this content is properly indexed.
  • In the instance that e-commerce is available on the manufacturer's website, the distribution network should be protected in one or more of the following ways: 1. Credit distributor with website sales made in their region. 2. Offer a higher "list" price to website users to avoid competing with distributors based on price. 3. Only offer products that most distributors do not stock.

A few Manufacturer websites we've built:




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