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Lucas Jackson

technology manager

Lucas works with the data services team as the technology manager. That means he hangs out in the "Nerdery" and helps Sherlock keep all those blinking lights under control and blinking away. We've found that he has an enormous amount of tech knowledge and can be a fantastic resource if you are writing a blog post on what the tech industry is going to do next.

 When not at work, Lucas' life revolves around:

  • Watching financial disaster movies on Netflix
  • Hidden Menus
  • Starbucks
  • Collecting Subway napkins

Little Known Facts:

  • He met Steve Wonzniak (He totally has a picture.)
  • First computer was a Tandy from RadioShack 

Where he got his knowledge and experience:

Lucas worked for Malone University as a technical support specialist, but before that he worked for the Arcanum Public Library (in Arcanum, Ohio – which is in the middle of a cornfield on the other side of the state) during high school.  Most recently, Lucas worked for FirstMerit Bank as an infrastructure analyst.

 Skills & Expertise:

  • Linux Administration
  • VMWare Administration
  • Windows Server/Client Administration
  • Network Engineering and Administration

 Favorite Places on the web:

People First. Digital Always.
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