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Julie Kephart

senior art director

Julie's been freelancing for TKG for several years, so we've known just how awesome her work is for a while now. After much begging and pleading on our part, she's finally agreed to come on board as a TKG team member .

 A born-and-raised local, Julie lives in an old house in Akron with her hubby Jack along with their two dogs and one cat. Design is a passion for Julie, so it's no surprise she's been in the print/web design business for almost 20 years. From graphic design, drawing and painting to landscape design and interior design, she loves just about anything design related.

When not at work, Julie's life revolves around:

  • Jack, her husband, their two dogs (Buster and The Dude) and cat (Gracie)
  • Gardening
  • Renovating their old house
  • Shopping
  • Spending time with the girls
  • Watching old movies and stuff on the tube

Little known facts:

  • She loves her dad's homemade spaghetti sauce
  • She loves being outside, but hates camping (uh-oh)
  • She thinks historic places are very cool
  • She still gets car sick but loves amusement parks

Skills & expertise:

  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • User Experience Design

Where she gained experience:

Julie has a Bachelors of Fine Arts from University of Akron, where she majored in painting and illustration.  She's worked in a graphic design capacity at several well-known businesses and creative agencies including Enterprise Information Services, Babcox Publications, Walking Stick Communications, Marketec Communications and WhiteSpace Creative.

Favorite Places on the Web:


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