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Local Business SEO Case Study

Joie de Vivre Laser and Medical Spa

As a new laser and medical spa in Canton, Ohio, Joie de Vivre needed to both create awareness of its services and connect with potential clients online. They wanted a dynamic company website and knew TKG had the experienced teams to get it done.

At TKG, we know that a website can only be good if the right customer sees it, so JDV needed targeted, organic web traffic that led to actual sales.

In 2011, we launched www.jdvmedspa.com with optimized content targeted to Joie de Vivre’s primary audience. Strategically placed inline forms give prospective customers the opportunity to request more information about a service, or request a consultation appointment directly from the site. These forms help engage users, and spark conversations about Joie de Vivre’s treatments.

Our work continues to grow JDV’s business, nearly four years later! Over the last year, Joie de Vivre has seen a 107.8% increase in organic search traffic over 2013, and a 62% increase in form leads. 2014 phone call leads increased, as well, showing a 101% increase over the previous year.

Joie de Vivre continues to work with TKG, counting on us to continue their online success story.


JdV MedSpa SEO Case Study Chart

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