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Monitoring & Alerts

Keep your most vital systems safe

Your servers house your most vital business data, so it’s important that you monitor and protect your systems from viruses and attacks (which are pretty much the worst). At TKG, we offer a variety of IT monitoring programs to help protect your important data and ensure your machines are operating smoothly.

Learn more about our monitoring and alert options below:

Daily Server Safety Checks

Two of the most important systems for any business are its backup and antivirus programs. The problem is, when these programs stop working correctly, you usually don't know right away. With our easy and affordable daily server safety checks, our sophisticated monitoring program will check these two vital systems each morning to protect against critical data loss and virus attacks.

Daily Server Health Checks

Your server is where all of your essential business data is stored (no big deal), so it's important that its health is maintained. TKG's daily server health checks monitor your system each morning to ensure everything is working correctly and let you know when it’s not.

Real-Time Monitoring

We provide proactive monitoring and maintenance services in real-time to ensure the highest availability of our customers’ equipment. As needed, we’ll also provide quick and accurate remote and on-site support.

Asset Tracking

With asset tracking from TKG, you’ll be able to view detailed information about any of your assets from one single spreadsheet or report. Our monitoring agent will provide an agent-based inventory program or an agent-less scan of your network to document your IT assets (yeah, we geek out about this kind of stuff). 

Server Dashboard

Would you like to see the health of your servers in a single dashboard? We can set up your IT department with access to view all of your monitored servers from your computer, PDA or Windows mobile phone. Pretty cool, right?

Interested in our monitoring and alert services? Request a quote to get started today!

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